A nowhere-near-complete list of what I’m working on. It will probably be January before I know the extent of my stash and have all my projects sorted out.

Dear Jane:

Harry Potter and the Project of Doom:

Irathient Alphabet:

Pokemon T-shirt quilt:

  1. Espeon
  2. Umbreon
  3. Vaporeon-In progress
  4. Leafeon-In progress
  5. Flareon
  6. Glaceon
  7. Jolteon
  8. Sylveon
  9. Maybe Eevee
  10. Prep t-shirt blocks
  11. Piece top
  12. Quilt
  13. Bind

Kitted, not started:

Swamp Creatures baby quilt

To-do list, someday:

365 Challenge Quilt
The Hunger Games quilt
Storm at Sea
Super Mario Bros quilt
Tennessee Waltz