New Pattern: Jolteon

Test Block

Jolteon is available in the Craftsy store!

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New Pattern: Eevee

Eevee Test Block

Eevee is available in my Craftsy store. Many thanks to Katie Yoakum for testing, I hope your friend enjoyed the gift! Jolteon is currently being tested by another quilter, who is planning to help test the remaining patterns as well. Hopefully they’ll all be available by the summer.

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New Pattern and Yard List Additions!

Test Block

Officer Hopps of the Zootopia Police Department is available in the Craftsy store! I’d forgotten someone had already tested it for me, and it’s just been waiting around for a while.

Also started making blocks for a non-fandom quilt I’m testing, but blocks are still in the trimming and chain piecing stage:


Sorry for the poor quality, it’s an iPod4.

And new additions for the yard list:

  • Blackberries (they’re producing!)
  • Mulberry tree
  • Lemon tree
  • Plain or Yellow Belly Watersnake
  • Pileated Woodpecker
  • Ruby Throated Hummingbirds

The garden is limping along. Tomatoes seem happy, the cucumbers and jalapenos are doing ok, but the bell peppers look stalled. I think I waited too long to transplant them to larger containers. The most exciting thing is really the blackberries, which we weren’t sure would produce or not. They are! Unfortunately the largest patch of them was mowed down last fall, so the majority of it is bare. It’s the new growth, up against the fence line, where we found the berries. I’ve been assured that the rest will produce next year, as long as we don’t mow it again.

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Yard List

Inspired by Ursula Vernon‘s list, I’m trying to identify the animal and plant life around the house. There’s far more than I have listed right now, but I’m slowly learning to identify plants.

  1. Common Garter Snake: He lives by the frog pond in the front yard.
  2. Brown Snake: Not sure what species, exactly. Thought for sure he’s a worm snake, but the Department of Wildlife and Fishery says they’re on the opposite side of the state.
  3. Speckled Kingsnake
  4. Ribbonsnake (possibly)
  5. Crawfish. Lots. Little chimneys all over the yard.
  6. Gulf Coast Toad
  7. Green Anole Lizard
  8. Six Lined Racerunner Skink
  9. Little Brown Skink
  10. Common Five-Lined Skink
  11. Mediterranean Gecko
  12. Raccoons (please don’t stay, please don’t stay, please don’t stay)
  13. Skunk (not seen, but confirmed by our stupid, stupid dog)
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So it begins!


Left to right: Bell peppers (slow pokes! the cucumbers started a week after you!), a forest of roma and big red tomatoes, basil (one measly sprout, and possibly a second on its way), cherry tomatoes (none, actually, the quitters), and cucumbers (the champions! 100% germination rate, and sprouted faster than anything else).

This is the easy part, mind you. The real trick is keeping them alive after they’re transferred outside.

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Victory Garden, Take 2:

I tried my hand at gardening a few years ago, and didn’t get very far with it. Basically the only thing to survive was the catnip, a member of the mint family (which can just about survive anything up to and including nuclear war). So, round two:


Big red, Roma, and cherry tomatoes; mixed color bell peppers; and basil. Should probably start cucumbers while I’m at it, but I don’t have any seeds at the moment. My plan is to eventually have a fully established garden from which we can produce most of our favorites, storing the extra for when they’re out of season. It’ll take a long while to build up to that, but I’ve gotta start somewhere.

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2016: Belated wrap up

I’ve now been living in our new house for four months. Brother is moving out soon, and we’ll immediately put my quilting room together (yay for no more boxes or fabric in the living and dining rooms!). Also picked up some soil and seeds today, so I can work on developing our garden.

Craftsy store sales: 7, 874

I know that number is so high because 85% of my patterns are free and fandom-related, but I never thought so many people would be interested in what I create. At least a couple hundred people downloaded all the patterns for my mystery quilt along, which was a complete surprise. I was also given the green light for a fandom quilt along, which will start in 2018.

I started a part-time job in July, and my boss is so happy with my work she’s been campaigning to have me brought on full-time.

Reading goals: I read twenty-four books last year, a far cry from the sixty-four I planned. Oh well, the last half of 2016 was rough. My goal for this year is fifty-two.

This was originally written at the end of August, right after the shop closed. Couldn’t publish it then because, well, I was feeling much rawer at the time and it showed. Here’s to better things in 2017.

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