Victory Garden, Take 2:

I tried my hand at gardening a few years ago, and didn’t get very far with it. Basically the only thing to survive was the catnip, a member of the mint family (which can just about survive anything up to and including nuclear war). So, round two:


Big red, Roma, and cherry tomatoes; mixed color bell peppers; and basil. Should probably start cucumbers while I’m at it, but I don’t have any seeds at the moment. My plan is to eventually have a fully established garden from which we can produce most of our favorites, storing the extra for when they’re out of season. It’ll take a long while to build up to that, but I’ve gotta start somewhere.

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2016: Belated wrap up

I’ve now been living in our new house for four months. Brother is moving out soon, and we’ll immediately put my quilting room together (yay for no more boxes or fabric in the living and dining rooms!). Also picked up some soil and seeds today, so I can work on developing our garden.

Craftsy store sales: 7, 874

I know that number is so high because 85% of my patterns are free and fandom-related, but I never thought so many people would be interested in what I create. At least a couple hundred people downloaded all the patterns for my mystery quilt along, which was a complete surprise. I was also given the green light for a fandom quilt along, which will start in 2018.

I started a part-time job in July, and my boss is so happy with my work she’s been campaigning to have me brought on full-time.

Reading goals: I read twenty-four books last year, a far cry from the sixty-four I planned. Oh well, the last half of 2016 was rough. My goal for this year is fifty-two.

This was originally written at the end of August, right after the shop closed. Couldn’t publish it then because, well, I was feeling much rawer at the time and it showed. Here’s to better things in 2017.

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New Pattern: Grand Admiral Thrawn


Grand Admiral Thrawn, of the Star Wars universe (and more specifically, the cover of Timothy Zahn’s book, “Thrawn“), is now available in my Craftsy store. I found a pretty glaring error in the testing process, but it was easily corrected. When submitting to FiS, I rated this a 4/5 for difficulty. There aren’t too many pieces, but there are several small, fiddly bits that get aggravating.

Happy sewing!

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To Star Wars!

I decided to take a break from my sulk (all my family wants to wait until tomorrow to see Rogue One!) to work on a Star Wars pattern that I designed a while ago but never tested.

Top is the Mandolorian Crest, and then the bottom row has Admiral Ackbar, Poe Dameron, and Grand Admiral Thrawn. I also redrafted my Rey poster pattern, so she’s a 10″ square like Finn and Poe which needs to be tested. They’ll be added to my Craftsy store and FIS as I finish them.

Tangent: If you’re one of my Pokemon fans, I’ll be finishing the Eeveelutions over the next two weeks as well. I have Jolteon, Leafeon (nearly finished), Sylveon, Vaporeon (in progress), and Eevee left.

Since I work for the school board I have the next two weeks off work. My goal is a block a day. The eevees might be one every other day, as they tend to be much more complicated than most of my other patterns.

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Final QAL Clue!

Are you ready to finish your quilts?!


The pattern can be downloaded here, and I encourage y’all to ask any questions you have, and please share pictures of your finished tops!

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New Pattern: Fellowship of the Ring

Many thanks to my two testers on this one! It was a lot of fun to design, and the request came while I was looking for something else to work on. The pattern can be downloaded from my Craftsy store. There’s a little bit of embroidery (for Gimli’s axe, Legolas’ bow, and Gandalf’s staff), but it’s simple and if you can do a backstitch you’ll be fine. At 7″ x 23.33″ this piece can either by a wall hanging on its own, or you can trim it down to 23″ and use it in the Not All Who Wander Are Lost quilt on Fandom in Stitches.

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Layer Cake Explosion Mystery QAL: Clue 4

Our second to last clue, and final block! We’re dabbling in paper piecing this time:


If you’re new to paper piecing, I recommend this tutorial from designer Jennifer Ofenstein. New quilters, do not feel intimidated! Many beginners take to paper piecing like ducks to water.

The first Saturday in December I’ll be releasing the layout! I’ve enjoyed seeing the blocks participants have made, and can’t wait to see your finished quilts!

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