A Week of Accomplishments!

Tropical Storm Cindy was more of a thunderstorm than anything else, but she succeeded in getting me two days off work, so I’m thankful! 

Monday I dropped this off at Daisy’s:

Baby quilt for my cousin’s first child, due in August. Shower is July 1.

Sidelights might be my new favorite pattern (yeah, yeah, I know it’s been out for years). It only took two days to put this top together. Would’ve been faster if I had thought more about the frames for the side blocks. 

Now I’m thinking about making one for myself, using a panel of a little girl standing on a stack of books; and each of the 5″ side blocks will be something book-inspired. Because I don’t have enough projects. 

Dear Jane report:

One of the great things about Jane is how many techniques went into the quilt. I tried reversed appliqué for the first time (A3 and the center of A10) this week. I think I prefer it to regular appliqué when your appliqué points might develop too much bulk from the seams. 

Those two days off work really paid off, as I finally accomplished something I thought would never happen: I finished a row! Row A, specifically. I have seven blocks left of row B and am hoping to finish them within the next couple weeks. Then I’ll start making four patches with the two rows to get a head start on piecing the top. 

Row A, in all its glory.

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