Yard List

Inspired by Ursula Vernon‘s list, I’m trying to identify the animal and plant life around the house. There’s far more than I have listed right now, but I’m slowly learning to identify plants.

  1. Common Garter Snake: He lives by the frog pond in the front yard.
  2. Brown Snake: Not sure what species, exactly. Thought for sure he’s a worm snake, but the Department of Wildlife and Fishery says they’re on the opposite side of the state.
  3. Speckled Kingsnake
  4. Ribbonsnake (possibly)
  5. Crawfish. Lots. Little chimneys all over the yard.
  6. Gulf Coast Toad
  7. Green Anole Lizard
  8. Six Lined Racerunner Skink
  9. Little Brown Skink
  10. Common Five-Lined Skink
  11. Mediterranean Gecko
  12. Raccoons (please don’t stay, please don’t stay, please don’t stay)
  13. Skunk (not seen, but confirmed by our stupid, stupid dog)
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One Response to Yard List

  1. Nancy says:

    Look from a distance and have a weapon, that is not your shoe, just in case.


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