Victory Garden, Take 2:

I tried my hand at gardening a few years ago, and didn’t get very far with it. Basically the only thing to survive was the catnip, a member of the mint family (which can just about survive anything up to and including nuclear war). So, round two:


Big red, Roma, and cherry tomatoes; mixed color bell peppers; and basil. Should probably start cucumbers while I’m at it, but I don’t have any seeds at the moment. My plan is to eventually have a fully established garden from which we can produce most of our favorites, storing the extra for when they’re out of season. It’ll take a long while to build up to that, but I’ve gotta start somewhere.

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2 Responses to Victory Garden, Take 2:

  1. Nancy says:

    Good luck, I am looking forward to trying to grow something this year, just do not know what.


  2. AngelaEG says:

    This is a good guide for what to start planting, when:

    Pick two or three things you love to eat, and start there!


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