To Star Wars!

I decided to take a break from my sulk (all my family wants to wait until tomorrow to see Rogue One!) to work on a Star Wars pattern that I designed a while ago but never tested.

Top is the Mandolorian Crest, and then the bottom row has Admiral Ackbar, Poe Dameron, and Grand Admiral Thrawn. I also redrafted my Rey poster pattern, so she’s a 10″ square like Finn and Poe which needs to be tested. They’ll be added to my Craftsy store and FIS as I finish them.

Tangent: If you’re one of my Pokemon fans, I’ll be finishing the Eeveelutions over the next two weeks as well. I have Jolteon, Leafeon (nearly finished), Sylveon, Vaporeon (in progress), and Eevee left.

Since I work for the school board I have the next two weeks off work. My goal is a block a day. The eevees might be one every other day, as they tend to be much more complicated than most of my other patterns.

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