Layer Cake Mystery: Fabric Selection

The first step in the mystery is to select the blocks you will not be sub-cutting, and then the blocks you’ll be sub-cutting into charms. When making the test quilt, we decided this based on print size.

The larger prints you see on the left, are the ones we knew we wouldn’t want to cut up. Those big flowers, adorable birds, and lanterns, are too pretty to be reduced to charms or smaller squares. However, those blocks on the right (the tone on tones, mini-prints, etc) are perfect for smaller blocks.


So into the chop pile they went! If you go ahead and do your pre-cutting before Clue 1 is released in September, I promise you’ll have Clue 1 completed the day it comes out!

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One Response to Layer Cake Mystery: Fabric Selection

  1. Melody says:

    Oh, thank you for this tip. I’ve been trying to decide which fabric to go with and I think this will help. So excited to get started, but glad we still have a little time as I’m trying to finish up a few quilt tops I’m already working on.


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