Hi! If you’re reading this post, you probably followed a link from one of my older patterns. Quilts Bayou is now Misselthwaite Creations. If you have questions about a pattern, or would like to see current projects, please join me on Facebook!

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Layer Cake Explosion re-released

Finished Sample

The five clues from the 2016 quilt along have been consolidated into a single pattern. Additionally, clues 3 and 4 have expanded instructions.

Download  here and, please, if you’ve finished your top, upload a picture and leave a pattern review!

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New Pattern! Giltoy’s Dog Tags

Test Block

John Giltoy’s dog tags from Warehouse 13. Pattern can be downloaded here.

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A Week of Accomplishments!

Tropical Storm Cindy was more of a thunderstorm than anything else, but she succeeded in getting me two days off work, so I’m thankful! 

Monday I dropped this off at Daisy’s:

Baby quilt for my cousin’s first child, due in August. Shower is July 1.

Sidelights might be my new favorite pattern (yeah, yeah, I know it’s been out for years). It only took two days to put this top together. Would’ve been faster if I had thought more about the frames for the side blocks. 

Now I’m thinking about making one for myself, using a panel of a little girl standing on a stack of books; and each of the 5″ side blocks will be something book-inspired. Because I don’t have enough projects. 

Dear Jane report:

One of the great things about Jane is how many techniques went into the quilt. I tried reversed appliqué for the first time (A3 and the center of A10) this week. I think I prefer it to regular appliqué when your appliqué points might develop too much bulk from the seams. 

Those two days off work really paid off, as I finally accomplished something I thought would never happen: I finished a row! Row A, specifically. I have seven blocks left of row B and am hoping to finish them within the next couple weeks. Then I’ll start making four patches with the two rows to get a head start on piecing the top. 

Row A, in all its glory.

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UFOQAL2017 On Hold…

…while I look for my in-progress Pokémon blocks. Pretty sure I found the fabric for Jolteon, but I don’t want to start another block with two still unfinished.

In the meantime, I have a baby shower to attend July 1 and didn’t even have the fabric for it cut until last night. My weekend is pretty much booked solid.

After a sew day with Daisy and Amy, I took the time to get my Dear Jane stuff in order. All my blocks are neatly tucked away where they won’t get lost (because this is going to take a long, long time to finish), and all my fabric is in one container for easy storage/travel. We’re hoping to meet once a week or so to make progress on this Everest.

In between sewing jaunts I’ll be going through my stash, looking for in-progress and yet-to-be started projects to add to my shiny new project organizer. It’ll be nice to have a beautiful quilt room someday, but for now I’d like to know what I have and where it is.

Aaand while I was typing all that, my new applique needles arrived!


From row B, if memory serves.

I’m off to start my quilting marathon, hope everyone reading this has a wonderful weekend!

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UFO Quilt Along Prep

Fandom in Stitches’ latest QAL has begun! Jennifer kicked it off by sharing an organization trick, which I’m stealing:

I think it’s an ironing surface, very lightweight.

I have way more on-going projects than this, but it’s a start for getting through this quilt along. My goal is to finish the Pokémon t-shirt quilt I started a couple years ago. I have two blocks in progress (Vaporeon, Leafeon), and three not yet started (Eevee, Sylveon, Jolteon). After that, six or seven t-shirts need to be prepped for the top, and it’s all downhill from there!

Then I have my cousin’s baby quilt to work on (due in August), and I’d like to make some progress on my Dear Jane and Project of Doom as well. Maybe actually work on some of the gifts I have planned for people. Totally realistic goals, right?

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Quilty News, Finally

Last weekend was spent in San Antonio, which always means two things: Memories by the Yard, a wonderful fabric store; and Nine Lives Used Bookstore, the best bookstore I’ve visited in years.

My cousin is expecting his first child in August, so my primary goal was finding fabric for her quilt. The nursery theme is owls, and Memories delivered:

And I picked up a few things for myself, too: a couple of basics, a Northcott panel I’ve been craving, and a Texas panel for my dad. Pictures to be posted as I work on projects.

Bookstore loot:

Most of these books replace childhood favorites, which I’ve always regretted giving away. I’m particularly excited about the art books, though. They’re part of a 25 book set, the first of which (Van Gogh) I found at a used book sale in the spring. And so the library continues to grow…

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Spring has Sprung!

Just a few of the more successful plants to show off today.  Not pictured is the lemon tree, which is looking to produce far more fruit than we expected, with it being in a fairly shady part of the yard. The bell peppers are a wash, but the cucumbers are trying to produce. Seeing everything I nearly neglected to death continue to grow keeps Ursula Vernon’s “In Questionable Taste” running through my head. 

My cauliflower seed packet swears I can start planting them in June, which I really don’t trust. But, as Rev Mord says, seeds are the least expensive form of gambling. I’ll be starting those next week. 

I’m also testing the WordPress app on my new iPhone, so apologies for wonky text, pictures, etc. 

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New Pattern: VFD Eye

Test Block

For fans of “A Series of Unfortunate Events,” the Volunteer Fire Department Eye!

Also, I’m helping to coordinate two quilt alongs for Fandom in Stitches, set for 2018. We’re not announcing the fandoms yet, but if you’re a fan of dinosaur movies, 2018 is going to be a lot of fun!

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New Pattern: Sylveon

Test Block Complete

Now available in the Craftsy store! Many thanks to pattern tester Wendi Riggens, who knocked out two patterns this week.

Only two more blocks left in the series and the Eeveelutions series will be complete!

The rest of the series:

  1. Eevee
  2. Jolteon
  3. Flareon
  4. Umbreon
  5. Espeon
  6. Glaceon
  7. Leafeon (coming soon!)
  8. Vaporeon (coming soon!)
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